Key Dates on the 2023-2024 St. Agnes Academy Calendar

St. Agnes Academy
The St. Agnes Academy Calendar is up and ready for the 2023-2024 school year. Looking for top-level dates? Read more to help get an idea of the year at a glance.
The 2023-2023 School Year is upon us! After a few years of disruption from the global pandemic, we can finally expect a "normal" academic calendar year.

The St. Agnes Academy calendar comprehensively plots events online for all things athletics, arts, programming, and school schedules. However, if you are looking for a quick overview, keep reading.

St. Agnes Major Events and Holidays by Month

See below for some top-level calendar items pertaining to the entire student body. While most of these are concrete, things happen, and dates are subject to change. Not to fear, our communications team will keep families abreast of any significant shifts to the calendar. 

August - The start of something new! 

  • 1 Classes Resume 
  • 29 Follow Your Daughters Schedule 
  • 31 Mass of the Holy Spirit 

September - Easing our way into the year with lots of fun activities

  • 4 Labor Day (no classes)
  • 5-8 Welcome Week 
  • 9 Orientation Dance 

October - Now we are in the groove

October holds one holiday and one day to entice others to attend our excellent school! 

November - Get ready for the end of the semester

We come together to celebrate Mass at the beginning of the month before powering through to Thanksgiving!

  • 1 All Saints Day Mass
  • 20-24 Thanksgiving Break (no classes)

December - The reason for the season

"Real" classes take up only a few weeks this month, whereas the rest is filled with exams and Christmas vacation! 

  • 8 Mass of the Immaculate Conception 
  • 13 Grandparents' and Grand Friends' Day
  • 14-20 Semester Exams 
  • 21-31 Christmas Break (no classes)

January - 2024 is here

The reverse of December, January starts while we are still on vacation! Thanks to the holiday, the Winter Formal ("WinFo"), and the Feast of St. Agnes Mass, you can expect lots of fun this month.

  • 1-9 Christmas Break (no classes)
  • 15 MLK Day (no classes)
  • 19 Winter Formal 
  • 22 Feast of St. Agnes Mass 

February - Days off, Mass, and Senior Style Show, oh my! 

  • 12 Raffle Holiday (no classes)
  • 14 Ash Wednesday Mass 
  • 15 International Food Festival 
  • 16 Style Show (no classes)
  • 19 President's Day (no classes)

March - Can you tell the year is coming to an end?

Spring break will get us over the hump to Easter. 

  • 8 Raffle Holiday (no classes)
  • 11-15 Spring Break 
  • 28 Holy Thursday Mass 
  • 29 Good Friday (no classes) 

April - Even closer to graduation

This month will remind you of the end of the year with prom and the Art Expo/Academic Awards nights.

  • 1 Easter Monday (no classes)
  • 12 Prom 
  • 15 Art Expo & Academic Awards 

May - The end of the end! 

  • 13-17 AP Exams 
  • 20-24 Wellness Week 
  • 20 Assumption of Leadership Ceremony (Juniors) 
  • 24 Madonna DAy Baccalaureate Mass (no classes)
  • 25 Graduation 
  • 27 Memorial Day (no classes) 
  • 28-31 Semester Exams 

St. Agnes Academy Calendar: Start with the Big Picture

Some may find it helpful to look at the year as a whole before getting into the "nitty gritty" of changing calendar days and programming specific assemblies.

Discuss the above dates over family dinner, or drop them in your calendar to give everyone an idea of what the year will look like. Knowing when events will occur will help plan vacations, time away, and holidays with out-of-town families.

We recommend that you bookmark the St. Agnes Academy calendar to have it easily accessible. 

See a calendar discrepancy? Let our Dean of Students know! Curious about what something is? Reach out to any member of our staff to direct you to the right person.