What Separates Private Catholic High Schools Near You in Houston?

St. Agnes Academy
Not every private school in Houston stands for the same values. Learn more about private Catholic high schools near me in Houston. See what separates St. Agnes Academy.
Have you been looking for the right academic fit for your high school student in the Greater Houston area?

The young women of today are faced with a wide range of influences and expectations that can make traditional public school settings incompatible with many students’ academic and social needs. That’s why private Catholic schools are preferred to public schools among parents looking for institutions that align with their values and support their daughters’ progress.

Finding the right private school can pose its own set of challenges, particularly in Houston when you might be choosing between several different private Catholic high schools near me.

St. Agnes Academy is a Catholic, Dominican all-girls school that prides itself on delivering a singular, tailor-made educational experience to each and every student. The Houston Business Journal recently named us the #2 private high school in Houston, and we ranked #1 amongst all-girls schools in the area.

Let’s take a look at some of what sets St. Agnes apart as a leading educational institution for young women.

Why Should I Consider Private Catholic High Schools Near Me?

Parents and guardians who are dissatisfied with the quality of education their child is currently receiving in the public school system may wish to consider enrolling their daughter in a private school instead.

There are many well-document benefits of private school enrollment, and private Catholic school attendance has been linked to greater levels of academic, personal, and professional achievement. Students who attend private Catholic high schools: 

  • Are more likely to vote
  • Tend to achieve higher levels of earning potential
  • Have more actively-engaged parents 
  • Are less likely to experience jail 
  • Are more likely to attend college
  • Demonstrate higher levels of academic achievement

Furthermore, minority students who attend Catholic schools tend to achieve greater academic success than their public school counterparts.

Catholic schools offer minority students a more level academic playing field, as evidenced by the fact that Catholic schools consistently demonstrate smaller achievement gaps between students of diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

What Sets St. Agnes Academy Apart?

St. Agnes has been serving the Houston community for well over 100 years. As an academic institution deeply rooted in the Catholic, Dominican tradition, we offer students a faith-centered community within which to explore their academic and personal potential.

Students and parents alike can benefit from a more individualized academic experience that treats students as unique learners with unique needs. Here are some specific ways St. Agnes supports its students and their families.

Dedicated Faculty and Staff

Not all private schools are capable of offering the level of individualized attention you will find at St. Agnes. With an average student/teacher ratio of 10:1, students at St. Agnes receive unparalleled attention and support from teachers, support staff, and leadership throughout every step of their educational journey.

In addition to our top-tier academic faculty and instructors, St. Agnes offers students additional support through resources like the Wellness Center, Counseling Department, and Academic Service Center.

Each of these student centers exists to support St. Agnes students in their personal and academic endeavors and provide students with a far-reaching network of role models and trusted advisors.

Diverse Curriculum Offerings

St. Agnes Academy is dedicated to the development of well-rounded young women who excel academically, personally, and eventually professionally. To that end, St. Agnes students have a wide range of course offerings to choose from when cultivating their ideal schedule.

St. Agnes offers advanced courses of study in core subjects, including theology, English, mathematics, science, history/social science, and world languages. In addition, students can pursue areas of particular interest through our comprehensive elective program.

Students must also complete a minimum of 100 hours of community service to graduate, thus ensuring St. Agnes alumnae are socially engaged and equipped to serve their communities.

Faith-Centered, Catholic Learning Environment

St. Agnes Academy is, first and foremost, a faith-centered academic institution.

Our students are educated in the Dominican, Catholic tradition, and our objective is to cultivate a learning environment in which students are free to delve deeper into their faith without fear or shame. We seek to support students’ unique faith journeys and to nurture their relationship with God and the Gospel.

In addition to our core theology courses, St. Agnes offers students opportunities to participate in retreats, prayer experiences, service projects, and cultural explorations that allow students to view their faith in a more global context.

We also hold weekly Mass every Thursday and host Liturgical Celebrations on all Holy Days of Obligation, as well as Feasts that celebrate our Dominican Heritage. 

As the result of our faith-centered approach to education, it is our hope that at the conclusion of her time at St. Agnes, a graduate will:

  • Witness Gospel values and lives veritas through word and deed;
  • Recognize her Dominican heritage and incorporates prayer into her daily life;
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and a dedication to life-long learning;
  • Embrace diversity and champion the marginalized in society;
  • Assume personal leadership and acts with integrity and compassion;
  • Recognize her interconnectedness with Earth and embrace her responsibilities for the children of all species;
  • Celebrate life in a joyful, optimistic, and productive manner;
  • Have a deep commitment to social justice and making a difference in the world.

Is St. Agnes Academy Right for Your Daughter?

If you believe St. Agnes may be a good fit for your child, you can visit our Admissions page for more information about the application, financial aid, and enrollment processes. For additional information, please reach out to a member of our admissions team to schedule a campus visit.

When considering private Catholic high schools near me, we recommend experiencing first-hand what sets St. Agnes Academy apart as one of the leading faith-based educational institutions in Houston.