An All-Girls Catholic High School For Your Daughter

St. Agnes Academy
Looking for an all girls Catholic high school in your part of Houston? Look no further than St. Agnes Academy. Find out what separates us from other options in the area.
The high school years are often the most valuable to a student developmentally, socially, and academically. That’s why finding the right fit for your daughter and her unique needs is so important.

St. Agnes Academy is an all-girls Catholic high school in Houston, Texas, that equips students for academic success while centering on faith, community, and sisterhood.

Whether your daughter is a rising freshman or a current high school student who needs a change of environment, St. Agnes Academy offers specialized support for young women of all backgrounds and abilities.

Let’s review some of the values that set St. Agnes Academy apart and explore how each of these values can contribute to present and future student success.

Why Choose An All-Girls Catholic High School?

Private Catholic schools are valuable community fixtures that can provide students with the dedicated support they need to thrive. There are many reasons why parents may choose to enroll their child in a private Catholic high school rather than in a public school setting. 

On average, students who graduate from Catholic school benefit from:

  • Increased civic engagement 
  • Higher overall earning potential 
  • Higher rates of academic achievement 
  • Increased likelihood of attending a 4-year college or university

All-girls Catholic schools are proven to contribute to even more positive student outcomes. Schools such as St. Agnes center on the needs of female pupils in a way that co-ed environments generally do not.

For example, graduates of girls high schools are six times more likely to pursue careers in STEM than their co-ed counterparts. Similarly, 87% of students from all-girls schools report feeling that their opinions are respected, while only 58% of female co-ed students report feeling this way. 

By limiting distractions, fostering faith-centered mentorships, and providing healthy academic role models, all-girls Catholic schools can provide their students with more positive educational experiences and effectively equip them for their future.

What Sets St. Agnes Academy Apart?

St. Agnes Academy was founded in 1905 and has been a longstanding, influential presence in Houston. St. Agnes is an all-girls Dominican Catholic school whose mission is to challenge young women to lead with integrity, joy, and a commitment to social justice.

There are several core values at the heart of the St. Agnes Academy mission. These values are prioritized throughout all aspects of student life to provide students with the consistent support they need to find their voice and achieve their full potential.

We Are a Sisterhood

We are devoted to helping students share their thoughts, beliefs, and opinions in a comfortable environment. Students celebrate the achievements of their peers and benefit from meaningful connections with like-minded young women.

We Are Social Justice Warriors

The St. Agnes community is made up of students from different cultural, academic, and social backgrounds. This diversity offers students opportunities to engage with varied perspectives and ideas and contributes to increased social awareness.

Students are empowered to use their voices to advocate for social issues. They are encouraged throughout their time at St. Agnes to become well-rounded, conscientious citizens of both local and global society.

We Are Students

At our core, St. Agnes is a learning institution that is dedicated to offering students challenging, rigorous educational experiences. However, St. Agnes Academy recognizes that all students learn differently and require individualized support to truly thrive academically. 

Through diverse curriculum offerings, creative teaching styles, and opportunities for advanced instruction, students are equipped with the tools and resources they need to achieve their academic potential.

We Are Prepared

St. Agnes Academy is particularly invested in ensuring our students are well-prepared for college and beyond. Rather than focusing purely on preparing students for standardized tests, St. Agnes is committed to helping students develop tools and skills that will benefit them academically for years to come.

St. Agnes graduates often report feeling more prepared for college than many of their peers and express gratitude for the strong educational foundation laid for them during their time at St. Agnes Academy.

We Are Catholic 

Faith takes center stage at St. Agnes Academy. As a traditional Dominican Catholic institution, St. Agnes invests heavily in the faith journeys of our students.

At St. Agnes, theology is viewed as a core class throughout all four years of instruction, and students are equipped with the knowledge they need to develop their own personal relationships with God and the Gospel.

However, St. Agnes Academy is dedicated to fostering inclusion for students of all faith backgrounds and seeks to empower all students to speak up for what they believe in. 

We Are Academy Women

The women of St. Agnes Academy are well-rounded, well-educated, and well-informed. St. Agnes women strive to do their best in all things and encourage those around them to achieve their maximum potential.

St. Agnes students are artists, athletes, scientists, dancers, musicians, and so much more. They are responsible citizens and are unafraid to carry the values ingrained in them during their time at our school into their future endeavors.

How Can St. Agnes Support Your Student?

If you are considering enrolling your daughter in a private school here in Houston, St. Agnes Academy can provide your child with the support she needs to grow, develop, and thrive.

With tailor-made curriculum offerings, small class sizes, and well-balanced student/teacher ratios, St. Agnes Academy can empower your daughter to embrace her unique gifts and find her voice.

St. Agnes Academy also offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities, and faith-centered experiences that are designed to help students become well-rounded, responsible citizens.

If you’d like to learn more about enrolling your daughter in an all-girls catholic high school like St. Agnes, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions department.

We would be happy to speak with you about your daughter’s unique needs and offer insight into how the St. Agnes community can support her academic journey.