Do High School Sports Have a Positive Influence on Students?

St. Agnes Academy
Sports is one of the most important aspects of a high school student’s career. But, many parents wonder, “Do high school sports have a positive influence on students?” Find our answer.
There is a common concern in public and private high schools about what role athletics should play in a student’s career. At St. Agnes Academy, our belief is that we should provide students with healthy opportunities to challenge themselves academically and physically.

Our students can participate in a wide variety of sports and other athletic activities to keep them active and involved in their school community.

Let’s answer the age-old question, “Do high school sports have a positive influence on students?” and review some of the ways students stand to benefit from participating in high school sports.

We Want to Know: Do High School Sports Have a Positive Influence on Students?

There are many well-documented ways that high school sports can have a positive influence on students. At St. Agnes, we believe that high school athletics can help students become more well-rounded and lay a valuable framework for future positive experiences.

In the following sections, we will discuss in greater detail some of the ways students can benefit from participating in athletic programs during their years at St. Agnes Academy. 

Sports Keep Students Active 

Organized sports offer students a structured means of getting the recommended amounts of physical exercise for their age group. Involvement in a sport also teaches students how to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Participating in sports at the high school level can help students maintain their health during their teenage years and discourage them from engaging in behaviors that might negatively impact their overall physical health and wellness.

Furthermore, physical activity on a regular schedule has been shown to reduce the likelihood of developing health conditions later in life.

Sports Encourage Cooperation

Working together with others as a team is one of the most valuable life skills for a young person to develop. The ability to work cooperatively will be necessary to ensure a student’s success in nearly every future academic and professional environment.

Playing team sports can help students develop social relationships and understand how to work together to achieve a common goal, especially in high-pressure situations that require critical leadership skills and quick decisions.

For example, many team sports rely on specific leadership structures, which help students learn how to respect authority without compromising their beliefs. Whether a student-athlete is asked to respect her coach or defer to the judgment of a team captain, there is much to be gleaned from developing the ability to listen, learn, and adjust.

Even solo sports such as diving and golf can play an important role in promoting collaboration, as students can train with and learn from fellow competitors. Individual sports teach students how to strike a healthy balance between developing on their own and seeking support when needed.

Sports Can Improve Academic Performance

Studies show that students who participate in high school sports often perform better academically. When students strike an appropriate balance between their academic studies and participation in high school athletics, the two can actually work in tandem to support a student’s overall success.

Playing sports in high school can equip students with valuable traits that translate to the classroom and beyond. For example, participating in high school sports can offer students critical opportunities to develop time management skills, organization skills, and communication skills that contribute directly to their academic success over time.

Additionally, students are expected to deliver consistently excellent levels of performance in their academic studies. Students learn how to prioritize their studies and distance themselves from distractions that may compromise their academic progress.

Proud of Our Athletics Track Record at St. Agnes

St. Agnes Academy offers students the opportunity to participate in 13 different sports and 36 different teams during three athletic seasons. Our teams have earned 113 state titles, and we annually compete against top private and public schools in Texas.

Beyond statistics, our Tiger Athletics program focuses on the health, happiness, and well-being of our students while preparing student-athletes for the ultimate competitive challenge of life.

So, the answer to the question, “Do high school sports have a positive influence on students?” is pretty clear in our eyes. Participation in sports activities has been linked to improved academics, healthier and more active lifestyles, and enhanced collaborative skills.

At St. Agnes, high school sports offer students valuable opportunities to integrate the key values they are learning in their academic programs and activities and can help student-athletes further develop their intellectual curiosity, work for social justice, and act with integrity and compassion. 

To learn more about Tiger Athletics at St. Agnes or to discuss how participating in high school sports can support your daughter on her journey toward excellence, reach out to us today. A representative from our athletics department would be glad to speak with you about your student’s participation.