Catholic School Tuition in Houston: Use Our Assistance Program

St. Agnes Academy
Take a look at our guide to Catholic school tuition in Houston for high school students at St. Agnes Academy. See how you can support your daughter’s future.
Parents have many options when seeking a Catholic education for their children. Many schools, like St. Agnes Academy, offer families a robust financial aid program to assist families in making this dream a reality.
Today, we'll explore the details of Catholic school tuition in Houston, specifically focusing on St. Agnes Academy's 2023-2024 tuition and how to utilize our financial aid program.

Understanding the Costs of Catholic School Tuition in Houston

Catholic education is known for its quality, but it's essential to understand the costs involved. Most schools will list the various fees that parents should consider prior to enrollment or re-enrollment.
The typical fees include enrollment fees, technology fees, registration fees, class fees, application fees, etc. The fees are essential to support the school's operations and maintain its commitment to excellence in education.
At St. Agnes, parents can expect to see the following specific fees:
1. Enrollment Fee: The enrollment fee secures your child's spot at St. Agnes Academy. It's a vital step in the admission process and is typically due upon acceptance.
2. Technology Fees: Technology such as laptops or iPads are an integral part of education. Technology fees cover the use of electronic devices, software, and other resources necessary for your child's education.
3. Registration Fees: Registration fees are associated with enrolling your child in the school for the upcoming academic year. These fees contribute to administrative costs.
4. Application Fee: As a new freshman family, an application fee is required. This fee helps process your application and is due when you submit your application.
5. Annual Class Fee: Ofte, there are costs associated with advanced placement classes, athletics teams, or various class events or trips.

Tuition Assistance Programs at St. Agnes Academy

For many families, the financial aspect of sending their child to a Catholic school can be daunting. St. Agnes Academy understands this concern and is committed to making Catholic education accessible to a diverse community. That's where the financial aid program comes into play.
Our tuition assistance program aims to provide financial support to families who qualify. Application due dates are always clearly listed, and early submission ensures that your family's financial situation is considered when determining aid awards.

Navigating the Financial Aid Application

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use St. Agnes Academy's financial aid program:
1. Prepare Financial Documents: Before you start the application, gather the necessary financial documents, such as tax returns, W-2 forms, and other financial statements.
2. Visit the School's Website: Go to the St. Agnes Academy website and navigate to the "Admissions" section. You'll find information about financial aid and a link to the application portal.
3. Create an Account: If you don't already have one, you'll need to create an account on the application portal.
4. Complete the Application: Fill out the financial aid application, providing accurate and complete information about your family's financial situation.
5. Submit Supporting Documents: Upload the required financial documents to support your application. Ensure they are clear and legible.
6. Submit Before the Deadline: Remember to submit your application and all supporting documents before the deadline to be considered for financial aid.

St. Agnes Academy: The Tuition is Worth Your Child’s Future

A Dominican, Catholic education at St. Agnes Academy offers a unique opportunity for your child to grow academically and spiritually. While the costs associated with enrollment, technology, and registration fees can be a concern, the school's financial aid program aims to make this education accessible to a wider range of families.
By following the application process and submitting your materials on time, you can take advantage of this program and provide your child with a faith-based education that will shape their future. Take advantage of the opportunity to invest in your child's education and spiritual growth.
Contact our admissions office today to discuss Catholic school tuition in Houston. We are ready to help you start the process of enrolling your daughter.