St. Agnes Academy Tuition: Info for the 2024 School Year

St. Agnes Academy
Unsure what the cost of St. Agnes Academy tuition actually covers? Read this brief article to learn more about the breakdown of a Catholic all-girls preparatory high school.
In the world of education, there is an undeniable truth: quality comes at a price. Private Catholic all-girls schools, such as St. Agnes Academy in Houston, TX, are shining examples of this principle, offering an exceptional educational experience that often comes with a significant tuition fee.

While some may question the necessity of such costs, those who understand the value of these institutions recognize that tuition for these schools is an investment that should never be taken for granted.

The benefits of a school like St. Agnes are invaluable in today's complex world, making the tuition a worthy investment in character development. While St. Agnes Academy tuition may be offputting to some, keep in mind the benefits gained are incredibly worth it. 

St. Agnes Academy Tuition Breakdown

Let’s review the ways that your tuition dollars will contribute to an exceptional academic experience for your daughter.

Application Fee

$75 Amount is due at the time of application for incoming ninth graders. The fee for transfer students is $125.

Enrollment Fee (Ninth Grade & Transfer Student)

$250 Amount is non-refundable and due at registration.

Re-Enrollment Fee (Returning Student)

$150 Amount is non-refundable and due at registration.

Tuition Deposit

$500 Amount is non-refundable and due upon returning the Enrollment Contract.

Remaining Tuition


Annual Class Fees

  • AP Test Fee: $100 All AP and Honors AP classes
  • Senior fee: $350 Seniors only in 12th grade
  • Tiger Athletics: $150 for each individual sport

Tablet Computer

For the 2023-2024 school year, the cost for the tablet PC is $1,725. A non-refundable down payment of $250 is due upon enrollment. The remaining laptop balance of $1,475 is due July 1. An automatic laptop award is granted if a student qualifies for financial aid.

Financial Aid

We support the realization of our mission by offering need-based aid to students who meet our admissions criteria. The underlying intent of the financial aid program is that financial reasons deter no student from applying to St. Agnes Academy.

Assistance through this program is available to cover the cost of tuition and the freshman laptop purchase. 

For the 2022-2023 school year, approximately 18 percent of the student body received financial aid totaling nearly $2,100,000. Some things to note regarding our financial aid policies:

  • The financial aid budget provides funds for both partial and complete tuition assistance. 
  • Financial aid decisions are made separately from and independently of admission decisions. The admission decision is made before the review of financial assistance, and the Financial Aid Committee has no involvement with a candidate's being offered a place at St. Agnes. 
  • Every tuition grant is made for one year. It may be renewed subject to the parents filing an annual financial statement and the students maintaining sound academic and high citizenship standards. 

Three Benefits of a Private All-Girls School

Considering the benefits gained through a Catholic college preparatory high school, the cost of tuition makes more sense.

1. Academic Excellence

Private Catholic schools are known for their rigorous curriculum, small class sizes, and highly qualified teachers. The focus on academic achievement is unparalleled, and the results speak for themselves. Graduates from these schools often go on to excel in prestigious universities and have successful careers.

2. Personalized Attention

With smaller class sizes and a commitment to individualized instruction, teachers can give students the attention they need to thrive academically and personally. The close-knit community formed within these schools can be life-changing, shaping young women into confident and capable leaders.

3. Moral and Ethical Values

These institutions provide a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to develop a sense of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility. The education extends beyond the classroom, teaching young women the importance of service, justice, and the greater good.

Education is the Foundation for Future Success 

Investing in a top-notch education is the foundation for future success, making the tuition worth every penny. In conclusion, tuition for a private Catholic all-girls school like St. Agnes Academy is not just a financial obligation but an investment in a young woman's future.

The benefits – including academic excellence, personalized attention, and moral values – make the cost well worth it. St. Agnes empowers young women to become strong, confident, and compassionate leaders who can positively impact the world.

To know more about enrolling your daughter at St. Agnes, you may contact the Director of Enrollment Management, Brigid Schiro, at 713-219-5412 if you have any additional questions.