Why Pick Dominican Schools for Your Daughter's Education?

St. Agnes Academy
Looking to enroll your daughter in private school and interested in what sets Dominican schools apart? Learn why you should consider St. Agnes, an all-girls Catholic school in the Dominican tradition.
Now more than ever, it’s important to carefully consider the environment in which your daughter will spend her formative academic years. There is a seemingly endless slate of factors that can impact the quality of your child’s high school education, and it can be challenging to find the right fit for your family’s unique needs.

St. Agnes Academy is a private, all-girls Catholic school that is firmly rooted in the Dominican tradition. We invite you to learn how young women stand to benefit from Dominican schools and discover what sets St. Agnes apart from other learning institutions in the Houston area.

Dominican Schools: What’s the Difference?

St. Agnes Academy was founded in 1905 by Mother Pauline Gannon, O.P., Prioress of the Dominican Sisters of Houston, Texas. From its inception, St. Agnes Academy was intended to serve as a community-centered, faith-based institution committed to uplifting and supporting young women on their personal and academic journeys. 

In the Dominican tradition, the search for truth (or veritas) is central to all we teach and do. Our approach to Catholic Social Teaching mirrors that of storied Dominican Universities and other learning institutions.

We seek to impart and express the Dominican traditions of Prayer, Study, Community, and Preaching throughout all aspects of our community culture, and our mission is to honor the dignity of every individual who walks through our door.

The Faith Community at St. Agnes Academy

At St. Agnes Academy, students are free to express and develop their beliefs in the classroom and beyond. Here are a few of the faith-based offerings students can take advantage of during their time at St. Agnes Academy.

Liturgical Worship

St. Agnes recognizes all Holy Days of Obligation, as well as Feasts that celebrate our Dominican Heritage. On these occasions, we typically host a school-wide Liturgical Celebration. 

We also hold weekly Mass on Thursday mornings, and all are welcome to attend during Community Time. The priest is available for confession before and after weekly mass each week.

Servant Leadership

One of the key factors that distinguishes St. Agnes Academy from other private schools is our dedication to community service and social justice. Beginning with the second semester of junior year, all students are required to complete 100 hours of community service by the fall of their senior year.

This principle of servant leadership is embedded into the curriculum of junior theology classes. The result is students can explore the meaning of service as viewed in the context of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.


Each year, students have the opportunity to participate in a religious retreat that is intended to support them throughout various stages of their faith journeys.

Each retreat is centered around a different Dominican Pillar (Prayer, Study, Community, and Preaching) and offers students the opportunity to build community with one another while growing in their relationship with God.

St. Agnes Academy: The Dominican Difference

At St. Agnes Academy, young women are free to explore all facets of themselves while investing in their own unique faith journeys.

We encourage our students to ask tough questions and dig deep for the answers as part of their preparation for becoming engaged members of their faith and local communities.

If you’re a parent searching for a supportive, faith-centered learning environment for your daughter, reach out to our Admissions Department to learn more about what sets St. Agnes apart from other Dominican schools.