Houston High School Sports: We Compete at a High Level

St. Agnes Academy
Houston high school sports can seem overwhelming at first. Read more about St. Agnes Academy’s athletics program that builds strong women of character.
St. Agnes Academy is much more than just a renowned educational institution. It is a beacon of academic excellence, character development, and athletics. While the school prides itself on producing accomplished scholars and leaders, its sports program has also earned a special place in the hearts of students, staff, and the local community.

St. Agnes Academy, an all-girl private high school in Texas, has earned 113 State titles in athletics. We annually compete against some of the state's best private and public schools across multiple sports.

We invite you to review the impressive world of St. Agnes Tiger Athletics in the Houston high school sports landscape, the values we promote, and the student-athletes who embody excellence both on and off the field.

St. Agnes Academy Tiger Athletics: A Legacy of Success

St. Agnes Academy's sports program has a long and illustrious history spanning several decades:
The school has consistently showcased its commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals who can excel in all aspects of life.

Developing Character and Values

At St. Agnes Academy, high school sports are more than just games. We view athletics as a platform for developing character and values that last a lifetime.

St. Agnes encourages participation in athletics because it allows students to learn essential life lessons such as teamwork, self-discipline, courage, and determination. Participating in high school athletics gives student-athletes the chance to develop characteristics that will help them become more active, higher-achieving, and productive members of society.

Since the school offers various programs, students can find a place to apply their skills and talents while contributing to the institution's rich tradition of success.

Skills We Develop Through Spots

Here are some of the critical values instilled through participation in the school's sports program:

1. Discipline and Time Management

Student-athletes at St. Agnes learn the importance of discipline and time management early on. Balancing rigorous academic schedules with demanding practice sessions teaches them invaluable life skills.

2. Teamwork

On the soccer field or the basketball court, teamwork is at the core of St. Agnes Academy's sports program. Learning to collaborate and communicate effectively with peers is a skill that transcends the field and is vital in the real world.

3. Leadership and Responsibility

Many of the school's sports captains and team leaders have emerged as leaders in various areas of their lives, including community involvement, academics, and career pursuits. Sports provide a unique training ground for developing leadership and responsibility.

4. Resilience and Perseverance

Life is full of ups and downs, and sports teach students how to cope with adversity. The ability to bounce back from defeats and keep pushing forward is a valuable lesson learned through athletics.

The Wide Range of Sports Offered

St. Agnes Academy offers various sports catering to mixed interests and talents. Our inclusive environment allows students to explore their passions and try their hand at different activities. St. Agnes sports currently include:
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Water Polo 
  • Volleyball 

A Safe Place to Play Sports 

St. Agnes values the physical, mental, and communal benefits of athletics. The coaches, administration, and medical staff are committed to keeping your daughter safe and healthy as she prepares for the upcoming athletic season.

With the guidance of national, state, and local officials, St. Agnes staff ensure that athletic participation aligns with all current recommendations. The school's policies and procedures are modeled after the guidelines presented by the following bodies:
  • National Federation of High Schools (NFHS)
  • Texas Education Agency (TEA)
  • University Interscholastic League (UIL)
  • Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).
The school's governing body, TAPPS, promotes a district schedule with a playoff format similar to UIL public school institutions:
  • State Championships are recognized in Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball.
  • Water Polo, Lacrosse, and Field Hockey are run by independent organizations that endorse state competitions for the varsity teams.

Our Community Support and Involvement Through Houston High School Sports

The success of St. Agnes Academy's sports program is only possible with the support and involvement of the local community. Parents, teachers, alumnae, and fans come together to cheer on the athletes, creating a vibrant and passionate atmosphere at games and events. The bonds formed within this community are a testament to the lasting impact of the sports program.

Our high school sports program is a shining example of how sports can shape the character and values of young individuals. It empowers female athletes to break barriers, foster leadership, and develop a sense of discipline and perseverance that extends far beyond the playing field.

The legacy of excellence established by this program is a testament to the dedication of the school, its coaches, and its exceptional student-athletes. St. Agnes Academy's sports program continues to inspire generations of young women to reach for the stars and excel in all facets of life.

The Athletics Department communicates with families via email, the St. Agnes website, and social media. For more information on St. Agnes’s involvement with Houston high school sports, please email the sport-specific head coach or the Director of Athletics, Amy Mattes, at amy.mattes@st-agnes.org to learn how your daughter can get involved.