The Best Private Schools in Houston: Where Does St. Agnes Rank?

When you are looking for the best private schools in Houston, TX, there are several factors to consider. Learn why St. Agnes is ranked so highly amongst private schools in the area.

Houston, Texas, is a city of tremendous diversity and opportunity. Our city is known for its thriving job market, rich cultural scene, and, importantly, its commitment to education. 

For many families in Houston, the choice of the best private school is a significant decision, as it sets the foundation for their children's academic, personal, and future success. With a wide array of private schools to choose from, it's important to understand the options available.

Today, we'll explore the best private schools in Houston and unpack where St. Agnes Academy ranks amongst private high schools in the area.

What Factors Play into a Good Private School?

With over a hundred private schools to choose from in the Houston area, making a decision can be quite overwhelming for parents. Unlike situations where you might be confronted with an excessive number of choices, selecting the right private school for your child carries significantly more weight. 

In this context, parents are faced with a multitude of factors that influence their choice of the best private schools in Houston for their teenager. These factors necessitate a delicate balance between addressing the academic, emotional, and social needs of their child and carefully considering financial and logistical factors.

What To Consider When Reviewing the Best Private Schools In Houston

Before selecting the right private school for your child, let’s look at what essential factors you need to think about.


Applying to a private school can sometimes come as a surprise to parents, as these schools may not automatically admit your child. Unlike public schools, which are generally obligated to accept a vast majority of students, private schools have the liberty to be considerably more discerning in their admissions.

You and your child will need to navigate an application process when seeking enrollment at a private school. These application procedures can vary significantly, with each school having its specific criteria. It's crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements involved in the application process of any school you are considering.

This is particularly vital if your child has special needs, such as a learning disability, as not all private schools may have the capacity to address your child's requirements. While this selectiveness might appear intimidating, it often results in a more positive learning experience for the children in the long run.

Independent Education

Private schools are almost always fully independent, which means it’s down to the teachers to decide how children will learn. As a result, they have much more freedom than public schools, and there is much less bureaucracy involved. 

As a result of this autonomy, lessons can be infused with excitement and diversity to create a more enriching learning environment. Nonetheless, this independence also places the responsibility on parents to guarantee their children receive a high-quality education and a positive overall experience.

Parents need to recognize that private schools are not subject to state oversight for the quality of education they provide. Therefore, parents must take an active role in ensuring that their child benefits from a valuable and positive educational journey within the school.

The Cost / Funding

The financial aspect is a significant factor for many parents. Private schools can be costly, especially the more prestigious/elite ones. So, while there is a chance that scholarships could help, it will be down to the parents to pay. 

Private schools typically do not receive government funding; instead, they rely on direct contributions from donors and parents. Although private schools are often associated with high costs, there exists a spectrum of affordability among them.

It's also important to take into account the payment structure and financial aid options. Some schools charge on a semester or yearly basis, while many now provide various payment options. It's worth noting that the application process may involve fees, and there might also be a one-time enrollment charge in some cases.

School Culture

The school culture affects many essential elements like the class sizes, uniform requirements, and even whether it’s an all-girls school. These are usually significant factors for parents to consider when choosing a private school in Houston.

While it's undeniable that private schools place a strong emphasis on their school culture and community, this focus can have both positive and potentially challenging implications. It's essential to recognize that not every child may be an ideal fit for a particular school's culture. Understanding a school's culture can be a complex task, which is why it's advisable to visit schools and engage with teachers extensively before making any decisions.

The school culture significantly influences several critical aspects, including class sizes, student-to-teacher ratios, uniform policies, and whether it's a single-gender or co-ed school. These are typically key factors that parents must take into consideration when selecting a private school in Houston.


Choosing the right private school for your child is a decision that involves a multitude of factors to consider. Among these, the location of the school holds a significant place.

The school's location can have a profound impact on your child's educational experience, your family's daily routine, and even the overall cost of education. It can influence your daily life, your child's extracurricular opportunities, community involvement, and the overall cost of education. 

Where Does St. Agnes Rank in Houston?

According to the Houston Business Journal, St. Agnes ranks in the top 5 Houston-area private high schools and is the only all-girls school to make the list.

In addition, Niche named St. Agnes as the #1 Best All-Girls High School in Houston and in the Top 25 of Best Catholic High Schools in America.

We appreciate this recognition for our school as one of the top private high schools in Houston. We would like to share some of the ingredients that have helped us create a highly-ranked educational experience for your child.

What Does St. Agnes Have to Offer? 

Established in 1906, St. Agnes Academy has undergone various transformations throughout its history. Notably, in 1954, the institution evolved into a high school serving students from grades 9 to 12, solidifying its reputation as one of Houston's most esteemed all-girls schools.

The academy's educational approach combines traditional Catholic teachings with contemporary teaching methods to craft a robust curriculum that benefits students. This curriculum encompasses a wide array of subjects, including natural science, theology, English, mathematics, fine arts, and more.

Upon completion of a St. Agnes education, a graduate will embody the following characteristics:

  • witnesses Gospel values and lives veritas through word and deed
  • recognizes her Dominican heritage and incorporates prayer into her daily life
  • demonstrates intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and a dedication to life-long learning
  • embraces diversity and champions the marginalized in society
  • confidently assumes personal leadership and acts with integrity and compassion
  • recognizes her interconnectedness with Earth and embraces her responsibilities for the children of all species
  • celebrates life in a joyful, optimistic, and productive manner
  • has a deep commitment to social justice and making a difference in the world.

St. Agnes places significant emphasis on extracurricular activities, our Tiger Athletics program, and community engagement, making these elements integral components of the overall educational experience.

To accommodate diverse financial circumstances, we offer flexible tuition payment options and collaborate with Smart Tuition to extend financial aid support to parents and families. 

Ranked as one of the best private schools in Houston, St. Agnes is prepared to support the growth of your daughter. Get in touch with us today to discuss enrolling your daughter at our all-girls college preparatory Catholic school.