Learn About Girls High School Lacrosse at St. Agnes

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Is your child interested in girls high school lacrosse? St. Agnes offers top-tier athletics to help your daughter succeed on and off the field. Learn more about our lacrosse program.
St. Agnes Academy is well-known throughout Houston for its top-tier academic offerings for high school girls. But did you know St. Agnes also offers an unparalleled athletic program for students at each grade level?

Through our decorated Tiger Athletics program, we offer 12 different sports during three seasons and have more than 500 students involved in at least one of our 36 teams. One of the many sports we offer during the spring season is lacrosse.

If your daughter is interested in girls high school lacrosse, read on to learn more about the exceptional athletics opportunities we offer.

Opportunities for Girls High School Lacrosse at St. Agnes

St. Agnes boasts a number of different opportunities for young lacrosse players looking to hone their skills during their high school years. Many of our student-athletes advance to play sports at the collegiate level, and we pride ourselves on providing top-tier preparation for students who wish to continue their athletic pursuits beyond high school.

Students may try out for one of three different lacrosse teams depending on their age group and skill level:

  • JV Black
  • JV Gold
  • Varsity

Coaches and other athletics department staff are dedicated to providing individualized support for student-athletes of all backgrounds and abilities. And, the Tiger Athletics program prides itself on preparing students for the ultimate competition of life.

Beyond the standard lacrosse season, St. Agnes Academy also offers a number of athletic summer camp programs for students looking to stay active when school is not in session. 

Safe Sports is Paramount at St. Agnes

St. Agnes believes that participation in athletic activities can help contribute to a student’s well-roundedness and even improve pupils’ academic performance. However, we recognize that safety is of the utmost importance for young people seeking to devote their time and energy to athletic pursuits.

For this reason, our coaches, administration, and support staff all go to great lengths to ensure that student-athletes remain physically and mentally healthy during the athletic season and beyond.

We work hand-in-hand with national, state, and local officials to ensure that our athletic offerings comply with key regulations and recommendations for health, safety, and longevity.

What are the Benefits of High School Sports?

Participating in sports like lacrosse can help students learn valuable life lessons and become more engaged, high-achieving members of their communities. In addition to promoting healthy lifestyle habits, playing sports can help students learn to communicate and collaborate effectively in team-centered environments.

Lacrosse is a team sport, so students must learn to engage with multiple ideas, opinions, and perspectives to accomplish their common goals. Research has also demonstrated that students who participate in structured athletic activities tend to perform better academically.

At St. Agnes, we hold our student-athletes to high academic standards, and students must continue to demonstrate consistently high levels of achievement to remain in good standing with the athletic department.

Participating in high school athletics can also help students build their self-confidence and develop valuable life skills that will follow them far beyond their high school years.

Learn More About Lacrosse at St. Agnes Academy

We are passionate about girls high school lacrosse at St. Agnes. We believe it is an integral part of developing the entire person during a child’s time on our campus.

If your daughter is interested in trying out for lacrosse at St. Agnes, you can reach out to our coaching staff for more information about the program and upcoming tryouts.

You can also learn more about our Tiger Athletics Department and other available athletic activities by visiting our website.