Houston Area Private High Schools: Why St. Agnes?

St. Agnes Academy
Learn more about what makes St. Agnes stand out from Houston area private high schools. Discover our commitment to developing the whole person while in high school.
Houston, Texas, is characterized by remarkable diversity and abundant opportunities. Renowned for its vibrant job market, cultural richness, and unwavering dedication to education, our city holds a prominent place on various fronts.

Choosing the optimal private school in Houston is a pivotal decision for many families, shaping their children's academic, personal, and future trajectories. Amidst the plethora of private school options available, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the choices is crucial.

When seeking the finest Houston area private high schools, numerous considerations come into play. Discover why St. Agnes ranks highly compared to the area's private schools.

We Focus on Educating Well-Rounded Young Women

Public high schools often provide satisfactory options for education, but they simply cannot offer the focused learning environment provided by an all-girls private school.

At an all-girls school, the emphasis is on education. Our mission is to help young ladies turn into strong women of character. Students enjoy a safe space – free from distractions – where they can cultivate their interests, focus on learning, ask questions, and explore who they are as people.

In schools not separated by gender, studies show that young women are often overlooked or overshadowed in favor of their male classmates. This situation can lead to lower self-confidence and can harm students' opportunities to grow, learn, and receive the advantages they deserve. 

In an all-girls school, however, students can take charge of the direction of their education. They're encouraged to challenge themselves, delve deeper into the subjects that excite them, and take the lead in their lives. All of these factors can help boost confidence, and students can carry that self-confidence into their adult lives.

Factors Influencing the Choice of a Quality Private School

With an extensive selection of over a hundred private schools in the Houston area, the decision-making process for parents can be overwhelming. Unlike situations where choices are excessively abundant, selecting the right private school for your child carries significantly more weight.

In this context, parents are confronted with numerous factors influencing their choice of the best private schools in Houston for their teenagers. Striking a delicate balance between addressing academic, emotional, and social needs and considering financial and logistical factors becomes crucial.

Essential Considerations When Evaluating the Best Private Schools in Houston

Before settling on the right private school for your child, it's vital to consider several factors.

1. Selectiveness

Parents may find private school applications surprising, as these schools don't automatically admit students.

Private schools can be considerably more discerning in their admissions than public schools, which are obligated to accept a vast majority. Navigating the application process with its specific criteria is crucial, especially for children with special needs.

2. Independent Education

Private schools are almost always fully independent, allowing teachers to decide how children will learn. This autonomy fosters a diverse and exciting learning environment, but it also places the responsibility on parents to ensure a high-quality education and a positive overall experience.

Private schools lack state oversight, emphasizing the need for parents to engage actively in their child's educational journey.

3. Cost/Funding

The financial aspect is significant, especially for prestigious/elite private schools. While scholarships may provide some assistance, the onus is on parents to cover costs.

Private schools rely on direct contributions from donors and parents, with affordability varying across the spectrum. Considering payment structures, financial aid options, and potential fees is crucial.

4. School Culture

School culture, including elements like class sizes and uniform requirements, is a significant factor for parents when choosing a private school in Houston.

Understanding a school's culture is complex but crucial, influencing aspects such as student-to-teacher ratios and the overall fit for your child.

5. Location

Choosing the right private school involves considering various factors, with the school's location holding significant importance. It impacts your child's educational experience, family's daily routine, extracurricular opportunities, community involvement, and overall education costs.

St. Agnes Academy's Ranking in Houston

The Houston Business Journal ranks St. Agnes in the top 5 private high schools in the Houston area, making it the only all-girls school on the list.

Niche recognizes St. Agnes as the #1 Best All-Girls High School in Houston and in the Top 25 of Best Catholic High Schools in America.

Established in 1906, St. Agnes Academy has transformed into one of Houston's esteemed all-girls schools. Its educational approach combines traditional Catholic teachings with contemporary methods, offering a robust curriculum. St. Agnes emphasizes extracurricular activities, athletics, and community engagement, ensuring a holistic educational experience.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is, in many ways, similar to the mission of Catholic schools across the country and the world.

St. Agnes is rooted in the Dominican Catholic tradition, which celebrates veritas (or truth). Students receive an exceptional education, transformational experiences, and academic preparation for high school and beyond.

Our school focuses on helping students step forward eagerly, lead with integrity and delight, and support their communities while committing to social justice.

In line with our Dominican values, St. Agnes believes that each student is valuable and unique and that education can develop the whole person. To carry out our mission, we provide students opportunities to pursue subjects that interest them. We provide a curriculum that sets high goals and standards while working with each student's individual learning style.

Our teachers engage students' minds while providing positive feedback in a safe environment. We seek to honor each student's spiritual autonomy but encourage young women to explore their beliefs and the choices they make within the guidelines of Catholicism.

St. Agnes' mission is supported by the "grad at grad" statement, which describes what a graduate will embody upon graduation. Each statement further clarifies the school's mission statement and the goals of the education each student receives.

Seeking Houston Area Private High Schools? Schedule a Visit!

We often hear from parents who wonder, "How do I find the right all-girls Catholic school near me for my daughter to excel?" For young women, St. Agnes Academy is the answer to this question.

We're dedicated to providing the best education possible while also offering college preparatory support, a strong community rooted in faith, and diverse, captivating classes that challenge and engage students.

If you feel St. Agnes might be the right choice for your eighth-grader, consider enrolling her as a ninth-grader. We work with Catholic middle schools in the Houston area to help students make the transition to our school.

You can also learn more about our school and whether it's right for your daughter by scheduling a campus visit. Talk with an admissions team member today about what makes St. Agnes stand out from Houston area private high schools!