See Our Girls High School Softball Team in Action

St. Agnes Academy
Is your daughter interested in playing girls high school softball? St. Agnes Academy, located in Houston, offers a robust athletics department where students can flex their mental and physical muscles. Find out how to get involved.
Spring has sprung, and that means it’s officially softball season here at St. Agnes Academy! Our Lady Tigers are hard at work, and the St. Agnes community is looking forward to supporting them throughout the duration of their season.

Many parents are surprised to learn that St. Agnes has such a robust athletics program, given the rigorous nature of our academic offerings. However, we are firm believers that participation in athletic activities can help students build critical life skills and help them lay the foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Learn about the St. Agnes approach to high school athletics and see how you can get your daughter involved in our girls high school softball program.

Athletics at St. Agnes: Our Girls High School Softball Pursuits

Our softball team has won multiple state championships and is currently under the leadership of head coach Priscilla Riser. Students who are interested in trying out for our Junior Varsity or Varsity softball teams can reach out to be added to the team’s email distribution list for ongoing updates about tryout dates, times, and locations.

Our softball teams play regularly throughout the spring season, and prospective team members are encouraged to attend a game at their convenience to see the team in action. The schedule of upcoming games can be found on our website.

Softball is just one of the many sports we offer at St. Agnes Academy. Each semester presents students with new athletic opportunities, and we highly encourage students of all experience and skill levels to try out for the team(s) of their choosing.

We offer 12 different sports during three seasons and have more than 500 students involved in at least one of our 36 teams throughout the year. We also offer a number of athletic summer camps for students looking to hone their skills and stay active when school is not in session.

Do Students Benefit From Participating in High School Sports?

At St. Agnes Academy, we firmly believe that well-rounded students are healthy, happy students. We encourage our pupils to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities to help them learn valuable life skills and diversify their abilities.

Participating in high school sports is a great way for students to build upon the foundation being laid for them in their academic classes. Some parents are surprised to learn that participation in high school sports has actually been linked to higher levels of academic achievement.

Playing team sports, in particular, can help students learn valuable lessons about teamwork, collaboration, and communication that will continue to serve them in academic and professional settings for years to come.

Are High School Sports Safe?

We know that safety is a top concern for our students and their families. That’s why we take steps to ensure that our athletics department operates with the utmost concern for our players’ health and safety at all times. With the guidance of national, state, and local officials, our staff works to deliver top-tier athletic programming that aligns with all current recommendations.

We require annual athletic physicals for all students looking to participate in our Tiger Athletics programming, and the physical and mental health of our student-athletes is constantly being monitored by members of the athletics department.

Based on the founding principles of the school, our Tiger Athletics program implements policies and activities that are designed to help students develop intellectual curiosity, work for social justice, and act with integrity and compassion in all things.

Our commitment to supporting the well-being of our student-athletes helps contribute to student success and cultivates a safe and nurturing community for all participants. 

Want to Get Involved in Our Athletics Teams?

If your student is interested in playing girls high school softball or other sports at St. Agnes Academy, the easiest way to get involved is to reach out directly to our athletics department. Families can enroll in ongoing email communications from the team(s) of their choosing for ongoing updates about game schedules, tryout dates, and more. 

We would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have about the athletic programming we offer here at St. Agnes. We can also share with you all of the ways participating in our athletic programming can contribute to your daughter’s future success. 

You can visit our website for more information or to obtain direct contact info for our coaches and other departmental figures. Go Tigers!