Catholic Schools Calendar: Key Upcoming Dates at St. Agnes

St. Agnes Academy
Not sure what’s on the Catholic school calendar? The last two months might seem like some of the busiest. Keep reading for a bird’s eye view of upcoming events at St. Agnes.
As the seasons transition from spring's crisp air to summer's warmth, St. Agnes Academy is abuzz with excitement for a diverse array of events lined up for April and May.

From academic competitions to artistic performances, our calendar is brimming with opportunities for students to learn, grow, and connect with their peers. Let's see what is on our Catholic school calendar.

The Home Stretch: Two Months Left in the School Year

It should come as little surprise that many end-of-year events occur during the last two months of school. Get out your calendars and save the dates for many exciting events, special schedules, and end-of-year traditions. 


Spring Break and Easter holidays have come and gone. April has fun events and assemblies to celebrate our students' culture, talents, and academic honors! Some key April events include:
  • 3-6 Choir Tour
  • 4 Parent Teacher conferences 
  • 7 Get to Know Your Car hosted by ONYX
  • 10 Spring College Signing 
  • 11 International Food Festival
  • 12 Afternoon Early Release, Marian Breakfast, Sophomore Standoff, and Prom 
  • 15 Art Expo, Academic Awards 
  • 16 Asynchronous Day 
  • 19 Late Start 
  • 19-20 Playmakers Festival
  • 21 Spring Vocal Arts Concert 
  • 24 Celebrate SAA Assembly
  • 25 Giving Day 
  • 27 Spring Band and Orchestra Concert, Performance Workshop Concert 
  • 29 Senior Donuts with Dad


May is the month of graduation ceremonies across the nation! While this month will wrap up our seniors' time at St. Agnes, it also holds annual events for our other students, like dance and choir concerts, awards ceremonies, and a special tradition for the rising senior class. May events include:
  • 1 Board of Directors/Foundation Board Meeting 
  • 3 Parents' Association Appreciation Lunch 
  • 4 Spring Dance Concert, Double Trio/Chamber Choir Concert 
  • 6-17 AP Exams 
  • 8 Mentor Parent Social 
  • 9 Speech and Debate Awards Banquet 
  • 10 Seniors' Last Day, Late Start 
  • 13-16 Senior Exams 
  • 20-24 Wellness Week 
  • 20 Assumption of Leadership for Juniors 
  • 23 Madonna Day Graduation Rehearsal 
  • 24 Madonna Day 
  • 25 Graduation 
  • 27 Memorial Day (no classes) 
  • 28-31 Exams

Catholic Schools Calendar: Summer is Right Around the Corner!

As we embrace the spirit of spring, St. Agnes Academy remains dedicated to nurturing holistic development and fostering a sense of community among our students. We reaffirm our commitment to excellence, diversity, and lifelong learning with each event.

Visit our calendar of events for a glimpse of our Catholic school calendar for the next few months. Here's to a season filled with inspiration, growth, and memorable moments at St. Agnes!