Our Girls Track & Field College Prep School Supports Your Child

St. Agnes Academy
The St. Agnes High School Track and Field Team works to train your daughter’s abilities to the fullest potential. Learn about the value of our girls track & field college prep school.
By Tess Pacetti ’26

The St. Agnes High School Track and Field Team is centered on providing your daughter with the support and essentials for her to embody the St. Agnes mission both on and off the track. This program seeks to inspire your daughter with confidence, acceptance, and self-empowerment.

Surrounded by over 90 teammates, the program instills themes of community and encouragement by promoting St. Agnes' motto of joy and integrity while using specific exercises and workouts to bring your daughter to the next level.

Due to their hard work and determination, the student-athletes and coaches who make up our girls track & field college prep school have earned eight consecutive State Championships. In May 2024, the team celebrated their latest state championship with a final score of 201 points, leading by a 74-point margin.

The team has already begun preparation for a promising next season. Led by an incredible team of coaches and supported by the St. Agnes community, the student-athletes will continue to train in the tightly-knit community of teammates.

Learn more about our program of welcoming athletes and coaches who will motivate your daughter to strengthen her abilities and unlock her fullest potential.

What The Program Offers To Your Daughter

Our program offers a strong and connected community of like-minded athletes and teammates who train and compete with each other.

  • St. Agnes Track & Field provides a competitive environment and gives your daughter the opportunity to compete in meets during the season. 
  • The coaches offer feedback and relevant advice with positive and helpful coaching techniques to take performance to the next level. 
  • The program not only allows your daughter to make friends but also provides opportunities for her to apply her teamwork and leadership skills. 
  • The entire team trains together on the outdoor track in the St. Agnes Athletic Complex and offers flexible timing for busy athletes.

What Events Are Offered

Our distinguished program offers Jumping, which includes High Jump, Long Jump, Pole Vault, and Triple Jump, as well as Sprinting, Hurdling, Long Distance, and Throwing, including Shot Put and Discus. Learn more about each of these programs.

1. Jumping - High Jump, Long Jump, Pole Vault, and Triple Jump

If your daughter is focused on her jumping skills, the track and field team offers an extensive program with designated coaches focused on improving the logistics of jumping, including approach and form, to improve the length or height of the jump. This program is welcoming to any student-athletes looking to explore new skills – not just practiced athletes.

2. Long Distance

This group focuses on endurance and durability for running longer distances, including the 800, 1 Mile, and 2 Mile. They are centered on longer workouts and a strong emphasis on recovery, which lets athletes strengthen their core and improve split times.

3. Short and Mid-Distance

These athletes’ workouts are concentrated on improving speed and running mechanics. With high intensity workouts and training sessions, athletes train to strengthen their bodies and minds as well as decrease their times. These distances include the 100, the 200, the 400, and the 600. 

4. Hurdling

With a dedicated coach and equipped with a plentiful of hurdling equipment, these athletes work on improving their stride and coordination as they train to cover many hurdles in a short distance. They focus on optimizing their times and improving performance while coaches ensure the safety of their athletes.

5. Throwing - Shot Put and Discus

This training highlights the importance of weight training and stability as well as coordination in throwing mechanics. The coaches focus on approach and grip techniques in addition to strength training and throwing positions.

Track and Field Coaching Staff and Coaching Methods

The track and field teams’ coaching staff is highly proficient and highlights strengthening your daughter’s abilities to the next level while maintaining a comfortable and welcoming environment for the athletes.

The coaching staff consists of eight highly trained coaches with past coaching experiences and familiarity with constructive training methods. The coaches concentrate on optimizing physical performance with focus and resilience tactics by using positive reinforcement techniques with personalized and applicable advice. They also make sure each individual athlete receives specialized one-on-one counsel to guide athletes to their fullest potential. 

With constant communication through the GroupMe and Stack Team Apps, as well as announcements through school emails, the coaches are always quick to respond with emails. This communication effort – coupled with speedy scheduling and parent meetings – ensures each athlete and athlete’s parents receive the necessary information at all times.

Plus, the practices and meets are accessible to everyone involved in the program. Our coaching staff offers bus rides to and from most of the away meets at different schools around Houston.

The Track and Field Team Coaches

Our full roster of coaches includes the following distinguished individuals:

  • Chris Warren - Head Coach
  • Grace Brewer - Athletic Trainer 
  • Kaitlyn Kelly - Assistant Athletic Director
  • Amy Mattes - Assistant Director
  • Kaitlyn Smith - Assistant Coach
  • Nathaniel Walker - Assistant Coach and Hurdler Coach
  • Al Lawson - Assistant Coach

Our Girls Track & Field College Prep School Leads the Pack

The St. Agnes High School Track and Field team consists of over 90 members and is split into two divisions: Junior Varsity and Varsity Teams. This organization allows your daughter to receive personalized feedback and recommendations relevant to her goals, in addition to guided training and workouts.

The coaches work with student-athletes to improve their skills, create a safe and healthy competitive environment, and prepare your daughter to compete in meets around the Greater Houston area.

Underlying our focus on athletic competition is creating a welcoming community that grows our sisterhood and community. That’s how we embody our Dominican Agnes teachings as a girls track & field college prep school.

With flexible scheduling for busy student-athletes and understanding and compassionate coaches, your daughter can personalize her athletic experience and training to become the best athletic version of herself.

We encourage you and your daughter to learn more about participating in our award-winning program. You can also contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our coaches. We are continuing to work hard to secure another State Championship title while upholding the St. Agnes virtues!