Spectrum FRC #3847 Reaches Quarterfinals at First UIL Robotics State Championships

Houston, TX - - Spectrum FRC #3847, the St. Agnes and Strake Jesuit engineering team, competed at the Texas Robotics Roundup/UIL Robotics State Championship FIRST Division on July 30 in Austin, TX. Spectrum #3847 advanced to the quarterfinals in an alliance with Texas Torque #1477, Shadetree Robotics #3999, and Plano Senior HS #6171.

Pouring in from all over Texas, 42 FIRST teams gathered in the state’s capital to participate in the 6th annual Texas Robot Roundup (TRR) and very first UIL Robotics State Championship - First Division. In addition to supporting FIRST teams and events throughout the school year, FIRST in Texas works to provide Texas teams with an additional opportunity to play during the off-season at Texas Robot Roundup.
For more information about Spectrum #3847,please visit www.spectrum3847.org.