Academy Women Represent at NCL-Houston Awards

Congratulations to our 11 students who participated in the National Charity League this year. The mission and vision of the National Charity League is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences. Through the mother-daughter relationship, National Charity League, Inc. will develop strong women leaders serving and impacting communities today and for generations to come.

Our Academy women represented among the award winners! Seniors Ally Day, Meredith Dickson, Elena Linardi, Taylor Luce, and Megan O'Connor and all received awards for their incredible amount of community service at philanthropic organizations. Community service is a huge part of our Dominican culture here at SAA and we are so proud to see our Academy women out there encouraging others and impacting their community!

Merci Award: most philanthropy hours in a year
Meredith Dickson

Yellow Rosebud Award: 50 hours of service over required hours at multiple organizations
Megan O'Conner

Heart of Gold Award: 75 hours of service over required hours at one organization
Ally Day and Taylor Luce

Yellow Rose Award: 100 hours of service over required hours at multiple organizations
Meredith Dickson

Hourglass Award: 100 hours of service over required hours at multiple organizations
Meredith Dickson and Taylor Luce

Grade Level 110% Award:
Meredith Dickson

Chapter Ticktocker Award: Most league hours this year
Elena Linardi

Meredith Dickson says of her experience:
"I joined NCL as a 6th grader because my sister and mom were in it. It was a really great way to make friends and I ended up coming to SAA already knowing a ton of girls who came from different middle schools than I did. I loved having the opportunity to explore all the different kinds of organizations around Houston and to see which needs really resonated with me. This past year, I served as President of NCL and it was an amazing learning experience. I gained lots of leadership skills by mediating between the moms and my classmates and organizing meetings. While NCL doesn’t address social justice, it does a good job of helping girls understand all the different types of need in our community and gives them the connections and skills to succeed in high school and college. "