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Senior Gift

For the Class of 2018, turning the tassel is just the beginning of a new and exciting adventure. No matter where the next step takes them, they will be ready because of their time spent at St. Agnes Academy. It is now our turn, as parents and students, to give back to St. Agnes Academy, and to help future generations of Academy women receive the Dominican education we all value so greatly.

The Senior Gift Committee has created a means to give back to St. Agnes Academy through the Class of 2018 Scholarship. With your support, the Class of 2018 Scholarship will help provide tuition assistance for young Academy women for years to come.

Help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 and to have 100% from our senior families and students. We ask you to prayerfully consider making a gift or pledge so that we can all join together and express our gratitude to St. Agnes Academy in this meaningful way.

Class of 2018 Scholarship Committee

Class of 2018 Scholarship Chairs

The Oak Family
Rashna, Niraj, and Anushka '18

The Medrano Family
Stacy '88, Michael, and Alex '18

The Webb Family
Yvette, James, and Allana '18 

Class of 2018 Senior Family Committee

The Adams/Crawford Family

Yolanda and Taylor '18 
The Biggio Family
Patty, Craig, and Quinn '18

The Castaneda Family
Mollie, Dan, Grace '18, and Sarah '15

The Cherek Family
Lea, Steve, and Sydney '18

The Dade Family
Deb, Cle, and Mary '18

The Gartrell Family
Elaine, Steve, and Kate '18

The Greely Family
Amy '80, David, Eloise '18, and Madeline '16
The Henderson Family
Tessa '80, Matt, Maidson '18, and Caroline '20

The Middleton Family
Coretta, Brian, Brianna '18, and Brooke '21

The Stubblefield Family
Leslie, Wade, and Daphne '18

The Tagtow Family
Stephanie, Patrick, and Grace '18

The Torras Family
Isabel, Nacho, Ana '18, and Isabel '11

The Tyler Family
Susan, Seth, and Paige '18 

Student Committee

Annelise Bakewell '18
Quinn Biggio '18
Grace Castaneda '18
Sydney Cherek '18
Taylor Crawford '18
Grace Daigre '18
Kate Gartrell '18
Eloise Greely '18
Catherine Groff '18
Madison Henderson '18
Bridie Hibbler '18
Tessa Mack '18
Brianna Middleton '18
Alex Medrano '18
Anushka Oak '18
Christina Okhuysen '18
Trinity Reilly '18
Chloe Roman '18
Maureen Steier '18
Daphne Stubblefield '18
Emily Sullivan '18
Grace Tagtow '18
Ana Torras '18
Paige Tyler '18
Allana Webb '18