5 Catholic Universities in Texas We Recommend

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Looking for an alternative to Ivy League schools for your daughter? Learn more about Catholic universities in Texas that compare favorably and will set up your child for future success.
Choosing a college or university to attend is a monumental decision. Universities must cater to future career goals, offer solid academics, and support students’ endeavors. There are many different options – both locally and across the country!

Students who have excelled in high school, particularly private school students, often consider attending an Ivy League school on the East Coast. But, for students from the southern part of the country, these schools are quite far away and may not be the right fit.

Some Ivy League schools also lack a tie to faith, which is why Catholic universities in Texas are a fantastic alternative. These local colleges allow students to stay closer to home while furthering their education and helping them grow in their faith.

Consider These Catholic Universities in Texas

Below, you’ll find a list of our top choices for the best Catholic universities in Texas, all of which compare favorably to Ivy League schools in terms of outstanding curriculum and positioning students for the next stage of their life.

1. University of Dallas

Located in Irving, the University of Dallas was established in 1956. The university, which offers 27 undergraduate majors and over 20 graduate programs, is divided into four units:

  • The Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business
  • The School of Ministry
  • The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts
  • The Constantin College of Liberal Arts

The University of Dallas was listed as one of the top colleges in the western United States by The Princeton Review, is endorsed by the Cardinal Newman Society, and earned an A-grade from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, making it an excellent Ivy League alternative in Texas.

2. St. Mary’s University

St. Mary’s University, located in San Antonio, is a relatively small school that was founded in 1852. St. Mary’s has a student body of only about 4,000, so school spirit and connections between students are both strong.

The university offers a School of Science, a College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, an Engineering and Technology division, the St. Mary’s University School of Law, and the Greehey School of Business.

St. Mary’s was recently ranked number 9 for all western U.S. colleges by U.S. News and World Report.

3. University of St. Thomas

For an option closer to home than most, students can choose the University of St. Thomas, which is located right here in Houston. The school prides itself on its excellent academics, strong faith, and the many high-paying career opportunities available to students after graduating.

St. Thomas, which was founded in 1947, is a relatively small school with a student body numbering less than 4,000. Part of the university’s philosophy is to mold students into morally responsible, critically-thinking leaders who use wise acts and work to advance the common good.

The school recently ranked #37 on a list of the Best Catholic Colleges in America.

4. Our Lady of the Lake University

Our Lady of the Lake University, another option in San Antonio, has an additional campus found in Houston. The university, which was founded in 1895 by the religious institute of the Sisters of the Divine Providence, offers bachelor’s degrees in 33 areas of study.

Students can also further their education by obtaining a master’s degree in one of 14 areas or pursuing one of two doctoral degree programs. The university is ranked 18th among national universities for staff and courses.

5. St. Edward’s University

Another of the best higher education options in our state is St. Edward’s University, which is located in Austin. Founded in 1877, the school is one of the top liberal arts colleges in the U.S., according to the U.S. News and World Report.

Students can choose from more than 50 areas of study for their bachelor’s degrees, including business, social and behavioral sciences, education, humanities, and natural sciences.

St. Edward’s University students can also become involved in more than 125 campus organizations. The student newspaper, for example, has been in print since 1987, and the school’s internet radio station is ranked number one for non-commercial college radio.

Find Help Considering Catholic Universities in Texas

It’s never too early to consider college and university options for your high schooler, especially Catholic universities in Texas.

- Juniors, seniors, and parents of these students at St. Agnes work with our college counseling department. The department offers exceptional college preparation, and our advisors can help your daughter select a local university to apply to.

- Freshman and sophomore students and their parents are encouraged to work with St. Agnes’s wellness counselors to lay the foundation for their college endeavors. Our department works on their mental health and helps with selecting the best fit courses for their high school schedules.

Choosing a school and leaving for college can seem daunting, but at St. Agnes, our goal is to prepare students, present all college and university options, and make the transition as smooth as possible.