Seeking Catholic Schools in Houston Texas? Choose St. Agnes

St. Agnes Academy
St. Agnes Academy is one of the most highly regarded Catholic schools in Houston Texas. If you consider enrolling your daughter in a private high school, learn why St. Agnes offers the resources she needs to thrive.
You want to give your daughter the best possible educational experience, and so do we. If you’re looking to enroll your child in a Catholic school where she will have unlimited opportunities for growth, community, and connection, look no further than St. Agnes Academy.

St. Agnes offers an individualized, faith-centered approach to education that seeks to empower young women with the tools they need to be successful in high school, college, and beyond. That’s why the Houston Business Journal ranked us the #2 overall Houston-area private high school and the #1 all-girls school.

If you seek the right fit for your student in the Houston area, read on to discover what separates St. Agnes Academy from other Catholic schools in Houston, Texas.

St. Agnes: Among the Best Catholic Schools in Houston Texas

No two schools are exactly alike, including Catholic schools. That’s why it’s important for parents and students to do their due diligence in learning about the various educational institutions in their area.

St. Agnes is a Catholic day school for young women in grades 9-12. We currently have about 930 students enrolled, and we boast an alumnae network of over 10,000 graduates across numerous generations.

St. Agnes Academy is rooted in the Catholic Dominican tradition and is devoted to teaching young women to move through their lives with integrity, joy, and a commitment to social justice. Veritas, the Dominican motto meaning “truth,” permeates all educational endeavors at St. Agnes Academy, and students are encouraged to seek truth and lead with honesty in everything they do.

St. Agnes at a Glance: Curriculum

The curriculum of St. Agnes Academy revolves around core subject areas of theology, English, mathematics, science, history/social science, and world languages.

In addition to these foundational curriculum offerings, students also have the opportunity to pursue various elective courses of study or to dive into higher-level coursework in foundational subjects. Students may choose to pursue elective coursework in subjects like: 

  • Communications
  • Fine art
  • Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Theater
  • Dance 
  • Music 
  • Yoga
  • Computer science 
  • Leadership 
  • Personal Finance 

We offer a singularly diverse selection of academic and elective courses. Through our program, students can become well-rounded, conscientious members of their communities. These course offerings are also designed to help prepare for more advanced courses of study in collegiate and post-graduate environments.

Extracurriculars at St. Agnes Academy 

We believe it is crucial for students to build community with one another beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom. Extracurricular activities provide students with great opportunities to engage with fellow students to dive deeper into their passions and interests. Consider the extracurricular activities offered at St. Agnes Academy.

Fine Arts

In addition to offering a wide variety of elective courses in fine arts, St. Agnes Academy also offers a number of extracurricular opportunities for students who are passionate about performing or creating.

Burgeoning musicians have the opportunity to perform in St. Agnes’ choral ensembles, pep and symphonic bands, and orchestras. Similarly, St. Agnes Academy presents multiple theatrical performances throughout the school year to develop the skills of aspiring performers.


Our Tiger Athletics program covers 13 different sports across three athletic seasons. Each year, roughly 500 students get involved across 36 teams. Over the years, St. Agnes Academy has earned 113 State titles in athletics and annually competes against some of the best private and public schools in the state. Available sports include: 

  • Cross country 
  • Field hockey 
  • Volleyball
  • Water polo
  • Basketball
  • Diving
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Golf 
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Track & field

In addition to these athletic teams, St. Agnes Academy also boasts 2 elite dance teams and a variety of athletic summer camp opportunities for students looking to continue their athletic pursuits beyond the school year.


We recognize that young women benefit substantially from building community with one another. To that end, there are a number of club offerings available to St. Agnes students. Many of these clubs are open to all prospective members, but there are also a handful of audition or application-based club memberships available to individual students. 

Some clubs students may choose to join at St. Agnes Academy include: 

  • Art club
  • American Sign Language club
  • Asian culture club 
  • Creative writing club 
  • Diversity club
  • Latin American Youth Association
  • Model United Nations Club 
  • STEM club 
  • And more clubs

Some high-performing students may also qualify to join the St. Agnes branches of the National Honor Society. Students interested in joining any of these clubs can find more information on our Student Clubs and Organizations page. 

St. Agnes: Faith in Focus 

We offer students a variety of opportunities to dig deeper into their relationship with God. Mass is held every Thursday at 9:10 a.m., and all community members are welcome to join in this time of worship and celebration.

In addition, St. Agnes celebrates all Holy Days of Obligation, as well as Feasts that celebrate our Dominican Heritage in vibrant, whole-school Liturgical celebrations. Community members can choose to attend these celebrations in person or have the option of joining via digital livestreams. 

Students are also given opportunities each year to participate in faith-centered retreats that focus on specific pillars of our Catholic Dominican faith. These retreats are designed to help students bond with their classmates and develop meaningful, faith-based connections with members of their community.

We also offer faith-centered extracurricular opportunities through our campus ministry program, like a peer ministry group and Dominican preaching team.

Supporting the Whole Person

St. Agnes stands apart in that we offer several different support services designed to help our students thrive both personally and academically. We offer a broad spectrum of college counseling services that can help students navigate the college search and application processes.

Similarly, our Student Success Center is a valuable resource for all students who need additional support to engage equitably and achieve their greatest potential in their studies at St. Agnes Academy.

Students can also take advantage of resources available through our Wellness Center – a support service that offers school counseling, preventative programming, and wellness advice to students of all ages. 

The Benefits of a Catholic Education Are Clear

St. Agnes Academy offers a well-rounded selection of courses and extracurricular offerings that put students and their needs first. Our small class sizes and student/teacher ratios enable our students to access more individualized, tailor-made support and resources during their years at St. Agnes.

As a result, St. Agnes Academy students – like other Catholic school graduates – consistently demonstrate higher levels of academic achievement, higher graduation rates, and increased lifetime earning potential. 

Research shows that Catholic school students become more involved members of their communities. They are more likely to vote, they demonstrate a more robust commitment to social justice, and they are more likely to give back to their faith communities.

Experience the St. Agnes Difference 

Perhaps your family has already experienced the benefits of a Catholic education first-hand through exposure to Catholic elementary schools and middle schools. Or, perhaps you’re new to the world of Catholic social teaching and education.

In either case, the St. Agnes Academy team would love to learn more about what you and your child are looking for in an educational environment. If you’d like more information about St. Agnes Academy or are interested in enrolling your child, reach out today to speak to a member of our team.

We look forward to learning more about your daughter and her educational needs. We are prepared to share with you some of the ways we can support her on her journey to achieving academic, personal, and professional success at one of the top Catholic schools in Houston, Texas.