Seeking a Dynamic Prep High School? Learn About St. Agnes

St. Agnes Academy
Get to know a little more about St. Agnes Academy, a dynamic prep high school for young women in the Houston area. See why your daughter’s future is in good hands.
A student’s high school years are some of the most critical and formative in her life. The quality of education a child receives during this period can have a lasting impact on their development and future success.

Some students are able to thrive in public schools, but time and time again, Catholic school students have been shown to achieve higher levels of academic, personal, and professional success than their public school counterparts.

If you’re looking to enroll your daughter in a top-tier educational environment that will play to her strengths and offer her the individualized academic support she needs, look no further than St. Agnes Academy. Learn what sets St. Agnes Academy apart from other academic institutions in the Houston area as a dynamic prep high school.

St. Agnes Academy: A Dynamic Prep High School for Young Women

St. Agnes is an all-girls private Catholic prep school that has been serving the Houston community since 1905. With strong roots in the Catholic, Dominican tradition, St. Agnes Academy offers students tailor-made educational opportunities that are designed to help them grow academically, personally, and spiritually. 

The core curriculum at St. Agnes centers around subject areas like theology, English, mathematics, science, history/social science, and world languages. These core subject areas work in tandem with one another to help students develop well-rounded skill sets that will continue to serve them in their future higher education and professional endeavors. 

In addition to our rigorous academic offerings, St. Agnes Academy provides students with numerous extracurricular opportunities so they can delve more deeply into their areas of special interest.

St. Agnes offers extracurricular programming in areas like the arts, theology, and athletics so students can build community with like-minded peers and build upon their academic foundation. This is just the beginning of what makes our educational experience dynamic, as we focus on preparing young women for future leadership.

Your Child’s Future is Part of Our Commitment

We take a comprehensive approach to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that lie beyond high school, particularly in college and professional realms. We emphasize critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills that will be crucial for your daughter’s success in the next stages of her growth.

We also place a strong emphasis on holistic development, ensuring that your child develops soft skills – such as communication, teamwork, and leadership – that will help her be successful in college and during her career.

These experiences teach students how to work effectively with others, articulate their ideas clearly, and lead with confidence – traits that are invaluable for any career path they choose to follow.

To take the first step, we offer a College Counseling program that guides students through the college application and selection process. From personalized counseling sessions to workshops on college essays and financial aid, students receive tailored support designed to navigate them toward their best-fit colleges.

Our College Counseling team helps students harmonize their academic and extracurricular profiles with long-term career aspirations. By the time they graduate, St. Agnes students are prepared for college, equipped with a clear understanding of their career goals, and ready for the next phase of their lives with confidence and a sense of purpose.

Learn More About St. Agnes

St. Agnes Academy prides itself on challenging young women through exceptional academic preparation and transformational experiences so they may go on to lead with integrity and joy.

With a top-tier faculty, extensive student support services, and consistent emphasis on diversity and social awareness, St. Agnes Academy has the resources and expertise to support students of all backgrounds and abilities.

If you’d like to learn more about enrolling your daughter at St. Agnes, reach out today to speak to a member of our admissions team. We would appreciate the opportunity to further explain what makes our dynamic prep high school the right for your child.